Programming | Game Design | Tool Development

Hi, I'm Mat!

I'm a self-taught Unity programmer/developer, located in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have a passion for learning all about game development: from programming design patterns, to game design, to more niche fields like tool development.

I consider myself to be a very self-motivated person, constantly working and learning to improve my skills, and earned my first professional job in less than a year and a half of learning Unity.

I have frequently collaborated with other developers, both recreationally and professionally, and have learned a lot through these experiences, which has helped me become a more rounded game developer who can wear multiple hats, be it UI design, project and team management, rigging & animation.


Here are a few of my favourite projects I've worked on. You can find more on my Portfolio section.

Endless Rhythm Runner

Spooky Boi Advance
WarioWare-like / Horror

This is Fine